Fentex Surgical

Kindey,Liver & Urology


Our range of products includes the following:



  • Bladder Neck Spreader
  • Bladder Retractors
  • Capsule Forceps
  • Filiform Bougie
  • Foreign Body Forceps
  • Gall Duct Dilators
  • Gall Stone Forceps
  • Gall Stone Scoops
  • Gauge
  • Kidney Stone Forceps
  • Ligature Carrying Forceps
  • Metal Catheter, female
  • Nephrostomy Forceps
  • Penis Clamp
  • Prostatic Retractors
  • Spare Blade
  • Urethral Sounds
  • Urethrography- and Circumcision Instruments
  • Urethrotome

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