Fentex Surgical

Neurosurgery Instruments


Our range of products includes the following:


  • Bone Separator
  • Brain Spatula
  • Brain Spatulas
  • Clip Applying Forceps
  • Clips and Applying Forceps
  • Cranial Punch
  • Cranial Rongeurs
  • Dura Dissector
  • Dura Dissectors
  • Dura Hooks
  • Galea hook
  • Lamina Spreaders
  • Laminectomy Punches
  • Laminectomy Rongeurs
  • Nerve and Vessel Hooklets
  • Nerve Hooks
  • Nerve Root Retractors
  • Skull Traction Tongs
  • Wire Saw Guide
  • Wire Saw Handle
  • Wire Saws 

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