Fentex Surgical

Otology Instruments


Our range of products includes the following:



  • Ear Catheters
  • Ear Curettes
  • Ear Forceps
  • Ear Hooklet
  • Ear Hooklets
  • Ear Periosteal Elevators
  • Ear Polypus Forceps
  • Ear Scoop
  • Ear Scoop/Hook
  • Ear Scoops
  • Ear Specula
  • Ear Specula Storage Rack
  • Ear Specula, set
  • Ear Syringes
  • Foreign Body Instruments
  • Foreign Body Lever
  • Mastoid Rongeurs
  • Micro Curettes
  • Micro Dissectors
  • Micro Ear Forceps
  • Micro Ear Hooks
  • Micro Ear Knives
  • Micro Ear Needles
  • Micro Ear Scissors
  • Micro Measuring Rod
  • Nasal Specula
  • Tuning Forks

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